Presentations and Speaking Engagements

I used to give presentations fairly regularly as part of my academic work, and didn't bother to list them since it's assumed that most academics do the same. However, since I also speak on other topics to communities where frequent presentations are not the norm, I thought this page might be helpful for those curious about my speaking experience, venues and topics.

Slides of my talks are not always linked here, either due to the work in question not being public or due to it being so old that I figured it would be of limited interest. If you are interested in seeing a particular slide deck that is not linked here, please contact me by email to terri(at)toybox(dot)ca or terrioda(at)gmail and I may be able to find it.









2009 (Highlights)

2008 (Highlights)

2007 (Highlights)

2006 (Highlights)

I was finishing coursework and studying for my comprehensive exams this year. I almost certainly did presentations, but I don't remember the details. Sorry!

2005 (Highlights)

2004 (Highlights)

2003 (Highlights)